Monday, June 30, 2008

I have to have this

I know this has nothing to do with knitting...but everything to do with the post 2 below. I really really really need one of these shirts. And my dear family, do not get one for Michael because I am going to get him one...but you can get me one. *BG*

All sorts of wonderful styles and colours can be found here. Giggle to your hearts content. I did.

OK, so I felt a bit bad that this post didn't relate in anyway to knitting, but then I found the Holy Grail of prank birthday gifts. The instructions can be found here. Chicken Viking Hat

He really will kill me for this, and more then likely won't find it any where near as funny, not in the least....but since when has that stopped me? ROFLOL

Daughter #1


Granny's Girls said...

This is a baby hat, you turkey...lolol

FeyRhi said...

They have adult sizing. I'd do the math myself if I had to.

Myfanwy said...

This could become the new "birthday hat!"

Granny's Girls said...

Didnt Mr. Bean do that first LOL
~Daughter #2

Myfanwy said...

OMG, what a memory, your right.

FeyRhi said...

They stole that idea from Mr Bean for a 'Friends' episode. The one where Joey got the turkey stuck on his head.