Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tay and Meg Dye wool.

Taylor chose the Madarina Tangerina, Strawberry Kiwi and Berry Blue Typhoon Kool Aid for her experiment.
Meg decided to wear the swatches and "walk like an egyptian."...lolol
Then they got daring and decided to dye some yarn for Aunti Julia.
Meg spritzed the vinegar. Taylor was sure anything this pretty must taste good.
That would be noooooooo. yuck

Then we baked cookies.......Grami needed a spa treatment. Plastic bags in the foreground are full of more white wool to be dyed. Update: One mitten knit the other on the needles. This closeup show off the colours nicely.
Oh and by the way the dyeing with kool aid isn't over yet...More to come.


1 comment:

FeyRhi said...

Tay's mitts looks awesome! What a great job. I like the little bit of white left between the colours. makes it almost look fair-isley.

The idea of sprinkling koolaid on looks like fun but what about the yarn underneath? Does the colour soak through to the other strands?