Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mystery Shawl #10 Wool

This is Spinning Bunny's Morning Mist.I wish it was as blue as it appears here but it isn't. I took this picture outside in the sun. The yarn is much greyer and at first I was disappointed. I was expecting something in shades of soft blue. I have decided to go ahead and knit it up. Who knows I might be thrilled with the outcome. I will get it wound into a ball this weekend and get my swatch knitted.


FeyRhi said...

hmmm Your right it looks gray-blue in the picture. There seems to be a good degree of variation in it. Like you said might as well knit it up and see how it looks. What else are you going to do with 1100yrds of fingering. LOL

Unless you want 3 pairs of socks all the same colouring.

Granny's Girls said...

The picture on Ravelry is closer to the real colour.I am concerned that now my hair is more silver, *wink, I will need more colour.

FeyRhi said...

What if you wear a blue top under it? Wouldn't that bring out the blue? Or should you wear a gray top? I never could figure that out. Just save it for curling up in when have tea in the morning and you haven't done you hair yet. LOL