Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frustrated VOGUE Knitters

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.
I have been trying, unsuccessfuly, to find a correct graph for the Lily Chin Lace Dress #41. There have been numerous hits on both of my blogs regarding this post so I can only assume there are other's out there looking for answers.

Vogue is enhancing their reputaion as the "Vague" magazine. I mean who wants to wait weeks and weeks for an answer that may never come. Lily's dress is beautiful and I have been waiting a year to knit it. Now I have the yarn and mistakes abound in the graphs. Lily was kind enough to answer my emails and I do appreciate her busy schedule. However, she seems to think that Vogue has posted the correct graph. Well, I checked 5 minutes ago and the only errata for this pattern is a correction on the name of the yarn used.

I also wanted to knit the side to side sweater that was featured on the front of the Summer 2008 issue, now I find this pattern has mistakes also.

So, out of desperation, I have formed a group on Ravelry "Frustrated Vogue Knitters." Yes I know the "s" is missing from the badge. I will fix that later today. I hope this will be a place of answers. Only time will tell.

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