Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another new addiction

I'm loving this shawl pattern, to the point that I anxiously wait for the moment it is posted every Saturday. I was emailing mum from work begging her to send it to me as soon as it was released so I could see it. I was a little behind on the knitting this week due to getting side tracked by the hat pattern I wrote about a few days ago. Got caught up tonight so I am ready to tackle the newest clue.

This is my shawl after Clue #2 Isn't it pretty. I fully admit I was a non-lover of knitting with what I referred to as thread. I think this pattern may have made a convert of me. Now we are knitting on 4mm so it's not that bad. I'm so addicted when mum mentioned joining the Hallowe'en Shawl Along I jumped at it. At some point this week I have to get to SPUN and pick out my yarn and then to Haberdashers in Oakville to find beads to match. All before I go way because this is going to be my plane project. Have to remember to get shorter addi turbo circulars because I can't take my 100cm on board with me.

This is the first Hat Attack pattern. The cables represent 1-15 in binary code. The 'arms dealer' really puts a lot of thought into her patterns. Contrary to most I prefer this style of hat. I just hope my brother likes it as well. LOL

Looks like they aren't going to do another one until next year. Too bad, this was fun but I imagine the behind the scenes work in immense.

~Daughter #1


Myfanwy said...

This is the neatest hat I have ever seen!! I really like how the cables change and in 2 colours!
BTW your brothers read our You will need a 3.75mm for the new shawl. Check with me before you start adding beads. Do not string them on before hand. I finally got my hank wound last night.

FeyRhi said...

The original pattern is done in one colour. I did two because I thought it would make the cables stand out more. Apparently you can write messages in binary code and knit it into the cables. Cool idea.

Oh damn I forgot that. Hey Evan! Guess what I made you. LOL