Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yardage...what I'd give for a bit more.

I needed some mindless knitting to do while watching a movie with hubby. What could be simpler the working on a shrug pattern? Very little shaping, keep it simple. So I dug up an ancient ball of Red Head super saver from the deep recesses of my stash. (stop hyperventilating mum) I had some to make sippers for the girls that just never got done. I didn't want to wast good yarn on a sample project that would only get 'frogged' in the end.

Cast on some stitches and away I went. 2x2 rib and 8mm needles gave it a bit of a lacy look but with a worsted weight it would keep arms warm. Well my daughter loved it and asked if she could have it. I tried to change her mind but NO it had to be these exact colours. Damn now I'm stuck working on the entire thing. Well up the arm I went and across the back of her shoulders and then it hit me. I didn't have enough to finish....... oh crap.

I have been all over looking for this stuff and NO ONE carries this particular shade. I don't even care about dye lots at this point.

So tonight I was on EBay and purchased 1 ball from a seller in Massachusetts. The yarn was cheap but with shipping I am paying exactly what I would have, had I found it up here. At least I can finish the shrug for the kiddo.

~ Daughter #1

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