Friday, May 30, 2008

Projects between projects

Just a couple of quickie projects between my big ones. A chilly, overcast, cold day inspired the poncho made out of Little Mamma by Estelle. The yarn is like a really thick chenille wrapped in eyelash. Supa easy pattern, just knit two 25 st. rectangles, on 15mm needles. Voila, wrapped in a blanket to ward off the chilly mornings.

What started as a rough draft for a pattern turned into a project. I wanted to make my daughter a shrug out of worsted weight. She loved the colours and wanted me to finish it. Which meant the second ball had to be found on E-Bay and travelled all the way from the States. But as you can tell from her smile she loves it.

It was tweeked as I worked, just as all good patterns are. She decided that she wanted to bottom to hang over the back of her hands...and then to wrap around her thumb. *shrugs* that is what she is coming up with at 11 then I am curious to see her fashion choices when she is 16-17.

~Daughter #1


Granny's Girls said...

It is good your knitting small things to keep the issue going.
Luv your sister

Myfanwy said...

How can my grand daughter look so grown up? hey another 5 yrs and she will be driving....rofl
Crap another 4 yrs and I will be ready for my pension , who am I to talk?