Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The first time I heard of Bamboo yarn. My mind conjured up this image. ...
Yeah right I thought...stiff, scratchy,.....shudder, no way.

Was I ever wrong. It is soft and silky much like cashmere.

Bamboo is an incredible plant.

You can eat it, build a shelter and furniture from it, walk on it and wear it.and sit on it...
Now if it would power our cars we would be all set..lolol
Here are some facts:
It is like a woody grass
It has some 1250 species in 75 genera with varying sizes
India has the largest bamboo forests, next only to China
According to the Forest Survey of India report, 8.96 million ha (about 12.8% of total forest area) is under bamboo cultivation
It surges skyward as fast as 1.2 meters in a 24 hour period!
Some species are suitable for soil stabilization, wind break, urban wastewater treatment and reduction of nitrates contamination
Potential to put a brake on the fire (create a fire line) in the traditional forests

I love knitting with this yarn, I also understand there is also a fabric made from the fibres.

How exciting is this?? a beige sock...out of Bamboo!

I would dearly love to knit myself a sweater out of this stuff. I will wait and see how the socks wash up.


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Granny's Girls said...

Love the socks, I am shur you will have them for years.