Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Knitter in the blogsphere!

Nant-y-glo Needles welcomes, Ryleigh, a fourth generation knitter, to our sphere. "IttyBitty11" is her Ravelry name and we are all as proud as punch that she has joined us in promoting knitting.

She will be featured in the sidebar and down the line we hope she will post a message to all the junior knitters. When she is not knitting Ryleigh prefers soccer and gymnastics. I expect her to master knitting whilst hanging upside down next. Nothing would surprise me.
~Proud Grami

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Granny's Girls said...

Welcome Ryliegh,
I am very happy that you are taking up this craft! I await your posts and projects with excitment. Yay sweetheart!