Sunday, July 18, 2010

Knitting my brains out.

Today will be guilt free knitting day.
The roofers are here and have been hammering since 7 am. Much concern, I am sure, to my miserable neighbour to the west. (insert evil laugh here) Ominous thumpings and banging are shaking the whole house. More on that progress on the other blog.
It is with great regret I must inform all my yarn retailers that a self imposed moratorium has been declared. I must follow Jean's sterling example and declare a yarn fast. The cedar chest is bursting, the 5 clear plastic yarn boxes I purchased are full, there are zip lock bags in the closet of my den and the overflow has invaded the floor of my bedroom closet.
My name is Susan and I am a Yarn-a-holic!...sigh... but we already knew that.
This morning I hand wound a huge ball ( one of four hanks) of WooBoo from Blue Moon Fibers, for the Traveling Sweater. Wool and Bamboo the colourway is "chestnutty" and is a richer colour than shown here. the flash kind of washed it out. My fall/winter work sweater is worn out so this will be the replacement. I need a break from the Adamas Shawl which I am pleased to report is into row 5 of the beaded edging. I know you are all waiting with bated breath.
At present I have the Legolas Kerchief on the needles as well. At one of the knitters fairs I purchased a hank of Blue Heron's yarns, "marshgrass," It is a blend with a gold thread through it. Very yummy.
To keep myself on the straight and narrow I am posting a progress bar. Good luck to me.


Knitman said...

I am not going to comment. Not at all!

Susan said...

If I have a relapse you know who's fault it will be...wink wink

Knitman said...

what do you mean if? What did I just pack and post the other day? Oh, it must be someone else with the same name.....

Susan said...

Oh no that doesn't count. I already factored that in before I signed the pledge. Actually that WAS my last purchase. Go out with a bang I always say.

Knitting-twitter said...

ohala, isn't it nice to be addicted to yarn? I gave myself a no for buying new yarn until September but then.. I really love your logo-pictures..
all the best from Switzerland