Monday, June 7, 2010

To nupp or not too...

Nupp/soup or nupp/cup I really don't care how you pronounce these little b#$%*ds. These beggars are the bane of my existence. It is with great humiliation I report I am unable to make them perfectly. Therefore I will desist.
Not being an athletic person my sole claim to fame is my ability to "pick up" fine needle techniques. I hereby throw in the towel on this one.
Franklin put it right when he referred to them as Devil Rabbit Droppings. Delicately put.
I admire them from afar and I bow to the the creators of them I will be moving on to BEADS. I downloaded the Snow Queen Pi Shawl. (ravelry link) A vision of delight and enough to make me reconsider the whole "nupp" fiasco again. I wasted my valuable time yesterday and millions of brain cells, neither of which I could afford, trying to master this stitch. Enough of that.
The Saturday trip to visit 2 of the Grands was made all the more perfect with a prezzie for Grami/Mum/me of a gift certificate to Spun, Burlington's coolest wool shop and recipient of my daughters retirement income. I blew the bundle on Malabrigo lace weight in the yummiest Cactus Flower coral/pink. Wonders of wonders a bead shop has opened in the same mini mall. How fortuitous for me that they stock the very rainbow crystal pink lined bead I needed. Japanese size 8's yet, oh frabjuous day.

Not hard to detect what movie I watched yesterday.
Helen was deliciously evil. Not suitable for children, in my opinion,
dark and scary. I enjoyed it. Says a lot about

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