Monday, June 14, 2010

Knitting Time

The subtle and not so subtle ways of accomplishing same. Bribery works every time. (only joking)
I just downloaded a new pattern I found in Ravelry. No wait, I didn't say I was going to start it now only that I had downloaded the pattern, I am a sucker for freebies. In my stash I have an obscene amount of pink Rowan Haze. Gorgeous stuff. I am earmarking it for this pattern.
Dancing Cranes Stole from Elan. You have to log in to the web site to get the pattern. My apologies to Elan for not ordering their wool for this project but as I live and breath I will order something at some point.
The Adamas Stole marches on. With every pattern repeat it gets larger. I am on the 11th and I have to go to 16!! then comes the fun part, the edging and the beads. I want this finished before the Summer Swatch program starts on the 21st. Should be no problem. I may have to make another coffee cake.
I gave up on looking for the "Worlds Most Boring Socks Ever" they are gone. I do have my eye on making a fair isle pair as a Christmas gift. They will have to be refereed to as the "December Socks" cause the recipient lurks here. No hurry to cast them on right now. That is a fall project.
Not that I am wishing away the summer! It has hardly arrived. I think we are expecting about 25 today. That's Celsius. After all these years I still have to do the math to figure out what that means...double it and add 30 = 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Work beckons, TTYL

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Susan! That mug! I am shocked! He he