Thursday, June 10, 2010

It is time to take stock.....

~Amethyst beads for the Adamas shawl~
Inspiration for this spate of organization lands squarely at the door of the "Faculty Meeting Knitter." Her plan of action, so to speak, over the next 12 weeks has given me a boost. We knitter's can be a little impulsive, OK, maybe not so much "little" and I speak from personal experience. I prefer to call it, enthusiastic appreciation of the finer things in life.
Every once in a while I really have to take stock of what I "have on the needles," "plan to put on the needles" and what should be "taken off the needles." It is a hard thing to admit but not everything turns out is as wonderful as we expect.
Guidelines for the next 12 weeks will be as follows for yours truly:
No new sweaters on the needles. I have a royal blue jacket on the go now which was supposed to be for the spring but will be very nice for the fall, thank you very much.
No new socks on the needles until the WMBSE are finished and then no more than 2 pair at a time. You remember the grey socks....never boring it sucks the life right out of me. Now, I just have to find where I put edit: I have looked in the likely places and then the unlikely places ( my Mother's advice). They are no where to be found. I am beginning to think I may have left them at the hospital when I visited Mom back in the fall. No great loss.
No more new beaded lace projects. I have the Adamas Shawl to finish.
The Snow Queen Pi Shawl wool and beads are at hand...
... and lace weight from the Knitman for a beaded scarf is due to arrive anytime. O.K. that takes care of beaded lace.
No more new lace knitting projects... except what is on order..wool for Susan Pandorf's Rivendell Cowl is due to arrive anytime. Oh, and I almost forgot, I signed up for Bad Cat's Summer Swatch Shawl - paid my money for that too BUT I am using stash lace weight. That should count for something.

O.K. that means one sweater, up to two pairs of socks, two full sized lace shawls, one lace scarf, one lace cowl and the Summer Swatch Shawl.
Some projects have been deliberately left out of the list . After all, this is supposed to be just the summer list.

All this and working full time.....Uproarious laughter, crescendo with a hint of hysteria.


Granny's Girls said...

Good Wool Hunting!

~Daughter #2

Helen said...

I just knew there was going to be an 'except' in there. But who I am I to talk, I swatched Adamas in August 2008, put it in a handy project bag in March 2009, and still haven't knitted a stitch of it. I will watch in awe.

Susan said...

"But" and "except" two valuable words in every knitter's vocabulary.
Julia you crack me up.
Still can't find those damn socks. I know they are here, somewhere, laughing at me.