Friday, April 2, 2010

Teddy Bags

There was a sweat shop going on in the dining room today. We worked from 10am to almost 4pm. But they are done. All 16 of them . Sixteen you ask? We thought you only needed 15. Correct, but you see we were cutting fabric pieces in half and well, that made 16.
I was thinking of perhaps making one more bear "for Mom" If the wool holds out!
Yes, they are lined. No half measures here.

Gran daughter Teaghan chose the lining. We just love the little beavers. Her sister, Ryleigh chose the cords.
Top stitching for the cord casing.Julia pressing the last bag. I was trying to take a "candid" shot but she spotted the camera and had to "ham" it up.
There they are in the sunshine. A job well done. Now to finish the bears!

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