Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's all about the toys...

One of my co workers has a new baby soooo, I get to knit a baby thingy. Lavender wrap cardi. Very sweet. More about that later.
First here is my new toy. Not only is this going to be wonderful for reading books but the pattern possibilities are endless. No more lugging around huge pattern magazines. Just scan and copy to the SG card and I am good to go.
No contracts to sign. I am not limited to Amazon as in a Kindle or Chapters as in a Kobo or Sony Books as in a Sony. This puppy will read them all. For half the cost of the reader and downloading books for free. I have just downloaded Steig Larssen's "The girl who played with fire." I had bought the book in hardcover but it is very heavy. Added bonus when knitting boring stretches on stocking stitch, I can read and listen to background music. Pages turn with the touch of a button or I can set the pages to turn automatically, I just died and went to high tech heaven.

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