Friday, April 16, 2010

Memorial for my Mom

Sixteen little faces all waving good bye as they head out tomorrow on an adventure. One bear for each of Granny Ann's descendants. I will be including a letter and a picture of my mother with the box of bears.
Packed into their bags and ready to go all the way to Africa. Mom always believed that a little charity knitting or sewing was good for the soul. When I was first learning how to knit we made bandages for the leper hospital. We knit miles of garter stitch. That just about finished me in garter stitch for the rest of my life.
She encouraged me to take on at least one project a year. This one has taken me 3 months. With every bear I knit I have thought of her. How I wished she was here so I could show her how they were turning out. I know she would be overwhelmed to see this depiction of her offspring.
A co worker has a new baby daughter so I am more than ready to take on some stocking stitch in lavender. There is some royal blue mulberry & merino and some coral cotton waiting in the wings. Life and knitting goes on.
Mom sewing (on her 40 + year old Singer Sewing Machine) dresses for little girls who had no other chance to have anything "pretty."
My Mother taught by example.

edit: This is the letter that went with the bears


Knitting-twitter said...

hi from Switzerland, what fantastic little bears. Your mum would be very very proud of you!!!
all the best.. Christa

Happyone :-) said...

What a wonderful project and tribute to your mother. I'm sure she's looking down on your with a big smile. :-)