Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting stuff...just not mine

I feel terribly guilty that I haven't posted anything here in so long. Bad news is I haven't finished anything in ages. Good news is I haven't started too many projects in the meantime.

Do you remember the miniature sweater I knit a while ago? You can refresh your memory HERE.

My co-worker brought in one of her miniaturist magazines and showed me something that makes my litt-bitty sweat look like it would fit the jolly green giant. Let me introduce you to the work of Althea Crome

This is her Japanese Crane Sweater. (click on name for more pictures). If you look at the bottom of the picture you can see her fingers and thumbnail. It's 2 (TWO!) inches from hem to neckline.

You think that is small? Look at this!!

This is 1/144 scale, or dollhouse for dollhouse scale, or as knitters would understand. 80 stitches PER INCH! You can see more HERE.

Isn't that amazing?

She also knit the sweater and gloves for the movie CORALINE. This is a quick 2min video that I enjoyed and you can see her knitting on her itty bitty needles.

~Daughter #1

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Susan said...

Holy tiny Batman! and I thought I could knit some fine stuff. I bought that movie and have yet to watch it. It's in 3-D. Have you ever watched a 3-d movie and tried to knit..xx eyes