Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Shipwrecked" Knitty Spring 2009

I have been looking at this pattern for months. Go to and check it out. I don't think I want it dye it myself as the pattern suggests. It calls for a fingering weight. I think it's the 5000 beads that call to me as well as the
Today is the Knitter's Fair in Kitchener. I missed last year I was recovering from my bout with emergency appendicitis.. I was looking at some of the vendors web sites and there is one who makes glass buttons. I love buttons.....hmmmm
Sue, Qknitter on Ravelry, is going to be there and I look forward to meeting her and seeing her Queen Ring Shawl. I have yet to get mine on the needles. I am so intimidated by the yarn. Yes, I am. Really.
Sandy is coming too and we be able to have some fun time sniffing wool and drooling over all the goodies. Corinne has to work today and won't be able to join us. The three of us had such a good time at the "Frolic" in Toronto last spring. She will be missed.

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FeyRhi said...

It's killing me that I couldn't go and play with you today.

Did you know I have looked at that exact shawl a thousand times as well. It's so pretty! I'll have to check out the yardage because I'd frog the one I'm working on and make that one if I have enough.