Friday, June 5, 2009

My life with socks.

For centuries I knit socks on three needles. Three metal needles that were about 7" long. It was tortuous. I did it but did not enjoy it. Back then sock yarn was a boring as bleach too. Grey, brown, navy and if you were daring ...dark red. Then my life was transformed when I saw Meg Swansen use 4 needles. It was truly an OMG moment. I didn't knit continental, just the good old "english" way, but I thought what the heck I can do that. Fifty - six stitches translated so nicely on four needles.
Then, be still my beating heart, we got self patterning sock yarn! and I discovered 2.75mm short bamboo double points. Oh joy oh bliss. My life was content. It can't get any better than this, right? Then we got toe up socks. No guess work on foot length now. Not crazy about the short row heel. Gussett heel discovered. woo hoo Hours of mindless knitting watching TV. Every time I look down a new pattern has emerged. Life is good.
Now fancy shmancy patterned socks have become the rage. I got a pattern and 2.25mm "sustainably harvested domestic birch hardwood" needles for Corinne's socks. These needles are as blunt as an unsharpened pencil, very annoying. I persevered. I knit and frogged and tinked and sighed...lots of sighing. There is no joy in my Sockville.
I began to hear about knitting socks on two circulars. I tried but always ended up trying to get all the stitches on one circular. I bought books, I watched YouTube, I resisted, I watched Corinne and thought ...."Hey, I get it." I bought 2 addi turbos in 2.25mm.
Not having a good time here. Flopping wires all over the place. My tension is shot. Not good.... O.K. I tried very hard but it just isn't me.

I am standing out in the crowd. I am going back to my four double pointy bamboo needles - plain knitted socks! I feel free.......lolol ....and I have about 6 balls of Kaffe's new Exotica yarn to knit up....yummy
Corinne, Wanna play sock roulette? Pretty please?


happyone said...

My daughter has knitted lots of socks on the circular needles and she has given me a couple pair too. The first thing she knitted was socks!!! It's her favorite thing to knit. I've never even attempted them.

Julie said...

My journey has been much like yours, but shorter - I've only knit a couple pairs of socks.

A while back I did a very fine-gauge sweater and because of metric-to-imperial knitting needles, I had NO double points the right size to do the cuffs of the sleeves with. I had to do them with two circulars. A fine example of why it's good to know technique, even if you don't use it. And it worked. But I can't imagine doing that voluntarily, all the time. All those ends flopping around! Oy vey!

So I'll sit in the pointy-pointy corner with you, knitting Plain Old Socks on four steel double points.

Love the little happy face in a sea of sad faces photo, too. :)

Susan said...

Yes, I'm with you on the use of DPNs. I've been trying the circulars but pushing the stitches back up on to the needles from the cable annoys the hell out of me (too fiddly) and we shan't speak of the flopping ends.

If you're desperately wanting to knit socks, it's winter here in Oz. I'll have you know it was a very chilly 13C here this morning! LOL

FeyRhi said...

To each their own I guess ;o)
The day I discovered how to knit with 2 circs, I bent my DPN's. **insert maniacal laughter**(Bloody hedgehog wannabe's, always stabbing me in the palm of my hand)

Sock roulette? Is that your way of asking me to help you knit through your mountain of sock yarn. Sure, I'll knit you a pair of socks. You have little feet.

Susan said...

Happy: Socks are a great portable project. You should try it.
Julie: You are now enrolled in the Sisterhood of the Pointed Sticks!
Susan: You're in the SOTPS too....13C...chilly????? It was 9C here this morning and 23C by the time I got out of work. Your blood is too
Corinne: Um....oops.... I was thinking more along the line of you knitting the other sock.

Knitman said...

Kaffe's colourways for Regia are excellent.

Carol said...

One of my bestest friends prefers dpns to my magic loop fetish. To each their own -- it's the enjoyment that counts. Glad you found needles and yarns and patterns that you like.