Friday, June 12, 2009

Fire in the Hole!

These are my finished sock weapons, launched from a post office this morning and are now ever so slowly making there way to my target. LOL. (I bet that sentence gets us on an FBI/RCMP watch list) I really can't believe that I'm still alive, I thought for certain I would be knocked out by now. So now I sit back and wait for my SIP's (socks in progress) or my death what ever comes first.

I celebrated by starting a new project. LOL I got some absolutely awesome handspun from the Samurai Knitter called Frog in a Blender. I love it. Every time I pick it up, I smile. it's sock weight but i didn't want to hide this in my shoes so after a long deliberation I decided on a cowl for the fall.

A spinning eyelet should make it look blenderish. Then I found the perfect pattern in my (mum's) book. It looks like little webbed feet!! So I did those around the bottom and then will start the spinning eyelets from there. I know, I have a bit of a twisted sense of humour but it's really not that sick.
If I was really sick, I would sew on little eyes here and there....... ;o)


Julie said...

Nice socks!

Wow, my yarn never looked so good! I should get you here to take photos of all my yarn.

Can't wait to see what you do with it. That's the great fun of selling my yarn - I get to feel creative vicariously. I'd never have thought of the webbed feet, but it sounds hilarious.

Susan said...

That's my kid...webbed I know exactly what pattern your using!

Knitman said...

Lovely yarn colours.

FeyRhi said...
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FeyRhi said...

Thank you Thank you. The eyeballs are sounding funnier and funnier every time I think of it. I might do it yet.

Yes, mum. I'm going to wear it to Gran's...with the little eyes

I love this colourway. It's one of the new 'power stripe' Tofusies.

(edited to correct atrocious spelling)

Paxa said...

You are going to take a picture of the cowl when you're done aren't you? I have got to see this one LOL