Friday, February 20, 2009

Kelly's Request

Lacy Wrist Warmers are the thing this year. Patons Stretch Socks make this project even neater. This wool has elastic quality that will keep them from slouching down the arm. Here you see, I have just started the forearm band, the lacy panel is a diamond design. I will update when I get farther along.

~Daughter #2


Granny's Girls said...

Great idea using stretchy sock yarn! I might make a pair for Teag. Where did you get the pattern from??

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules,

I am really impressed with how you compose the photos for your projects.
Imaginative, balanced, interesting, visually informative. You have an intuitive sense of the principles and elements of design.
And, your mum noted that your knitting is looking really professional.
I think ya got a future here, my girl:-)