Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hats, hats, and more hats....

Winter's true ;o) but this year it has had a very strange effect on me. I can't seem to get enough of knitting hats. I don't even wear them myself but I've been driven to create multiple head coverings and plunk them on the closest melon that it fits.

It all started with this one. The infamous chicken hat that was a joke for my brother on his birthday.

Soon after came the "Death Hat". Part of a hat trade I was involved in on Ravelry. The hat I received in return I passed on to my youngest brother's girlfriend. It was blue and white.

That is when the hat bug hit....This is the Binary Cable hat I made my computer driven youngest brother.

Skulls and hearts for my oldest...

Something to keep my fingers busy while I was visiting family over the holidays. This one went to my niece.

A slouchy beret for my youngest. I made my sister in law the same beret only hers was black and not slouchy at all. (forgot to take a picture before I mailed it to her.)

This is my latest one. I liked the heartbeat on it. Not sure who's head is going to get it. Perhaps my youngest niece?

Not all hats have turned out well. I knit one from a vogue pattern that was gawd-aweful. (there's a shocker) It looked like overlapping shells but the shaping was off.

Now that the temperature has risen a tad, I find I am not hunting all the hat patterns I can find. I wonder if the hint of spring has finally broken this obsession....only time will tell.

Daughter #1


Anonymous said...

I will take a photo of the black hat for you to post (with me wearing it)...AND don't kid yourself, spring is not here yet, we are still suppesed to get snow all week (like 20cm!)

Daughter #3

Granny's Girls said...

Bite your tongue woman!!! You can keep all the white stuff up there for when we come to visit thank you LOL

I think I'm going to rip out the top of the heartbeat and make it a bit shorter so it will fit Meg's head.

I would appreciate a picture of you in your beret. Thank you ;o)

~Daughter #1

Susan said...

You are truly the Queen of Domes!

Granny's Girls said...

Bon Manifique! Nice chapeau's.

~Daughter #2