Monday, February 23, 2009

Blocked at last

This pattern came out of a small booklet called Knitted Pineapples I think it was a Leisure Arts publication.
It really is Tweety Bird Yellow.

This is finally finished except for the ends which I have yet to weave in. I started this years ago...thinking that it would be a I made it out of DK, 1st mistake; and I used a synthetic, 2nd mistake...howling with laughter.

This thing weighs a ton ...for a shawl. I will end up folding it over the back of the loveseat in my den.

edit: pictures changed on Feb 24th


1 comment:

FeyRhi said...

It's pretty. Even if it's too heavy for a traditional shawl it will be fine for something to throw over your legs while curled up watch saturday morning cartoons ;o)