Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The saga of the blanket...

It's a tough world out there! Logan Gabriel
It has been a very active two weeks. My grandson made a premature arrival on March 20th. All 3 pounds 12 ounces of him. For a detailed saga of the blanket's construction, deconstruction, redesign and final completion please pop over to Ravelry and check out 'Logans baby blanket" in my projects. Oh, my ravelry name has changed to "Susanlacewing." There was another Susanknits (I was Suzanknits) and it was confusing so I changed my moniker.
Brittany and "The" blanket
I took the blanket to the NICU yesterday and we got this picture.This is as close as he is going to get to it for a while. We took it off after the picture taking and put the dark cover back on.
My baby boy and his Baby Boy
Star baby blanket
This fall we are expecting another grandchild!! and a playmate for Logan. I am going to get the new baby's blanket done in plenty of time!. Meanwhile I haven't got a stitch knit on my In Dreams KAL since Logan's arrival. Now that he is doing so well my concentration should have returned.


Corinne Davies said...

You should make another one and we can call it the 'Baby Baker Cover' LOL

Granny's Girls said...

I think that my blanket is very pretty. Thankyou!