Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creating a Plush Teddy Bear...Step One

tracing the pattern
 When the children were young and I was a stay at home Mom I had a craft business called "Thimble Enterprises." I used to go to Craft Shows in southern Ontario At one point my hand made teddys, bunnies,squirrels etc were sold in stores in Windsor and Leamington Ontario. 
It is important to cut the backing NOT the pile.
My youngest used to sit by my feet while I was sewing. He would drive his hot wheel cars around the shelf at the bottom of the sewing machine stand. He will be a Papa in May and I asked him if he would like a bear for his son.
the seams will be hidden by the long pile at the edge.
 He quickly said, "Yes." This pattern is named after my dad. "Grampy Bear" is an original Thimble Enterprises design and came with glasses, a pipe and dressed in a tweed vest with a watch chain. Sorry no pictures of the original.
tedious job cutting out each piece
 I sold these bears as gifts for Executive's. They were very popular. 

Still have to cut a contrast for the paws, and probably will use a contrast for the inner ear, instead of the pile
 All cut out and ready to be sewn. He has a head gusset, which is tricky but makes a lovely shaped head. The body is in four parts. I will have to make him a satin heart to sew inside. He will be fully jointed with a hand crafted leather nose.

Much better picture of the actual colour of the pile. My hand is sore from all that cutting so I will take a break. Next step sewing up all the bits.
Back to lace knitting for a rest.

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