Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knitting with a hot needle

Pictures will be added later, suffice it to say I am knitting furiously on "THE" vest for Michael. I thought I had every thing planned out to the row and now it appears I need another motif to gain the required length. Grrr.

I have decided to crochet the steeks before cutting them. I have used the sewing machine in the past but want to try something new. I haven't even touched the double knitting scarf in over a week. Carls WMBSE is at the heel gusset on the second sock. woop-d-do

Once the vest is done the next big project will be the sweater for MOI out of the teal Galway wool. Me thinks Carl is looking for another sweater. The last one I knit him, an Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool, dk, with cables, was too short in the body and I have no more yarn to lengthen it. (weeping softly) So there it languishes on the shelf.

I found this picture and I am not sure if the needles are being stored this way. Perhaps it should be labled, "What to do with the straight needles you no longer use." I see a hot glue gun taking part in this project. I offer this for the crafty reader. If your into it I could donate an appaling amount of needles to the cause. Ugly little buggar isn't he? Not exactly something you could "kootch up" to.

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