Saturday, December 19, 2009

Concentration has gone all to .....

Here I am right where I did not want to be. The Saturday before Christmas and Michael's vest is not finished. My whole knitting plan has gone out of the window....sigh
I am not happy with the steek treatment on his sweater and I am trying to soldier on. My mother has literally been ringing God's doorbell this week and that last minute decided not to move in. The emotional upheaval has been astronomical. I have a stiff neck and a frozen shoulder which makes knitting hard also.
My shopping is not finished. Baking isn't going to happen. The house looks like a tip and I have laundry to do. Tomorrow is back to the hospital to visit with Mummy. Today I have to go to the mall "the minute it opens" in the hopes of avoiding the insanity that is Christmas shopping. My budget is shot all to ---. No credit cards to fall back on so I am trying to figure out how to stretch a dollar even further. This is going to be creative.
I downloaded a pattern from Knit Picks for this bag. Only $1.99...ok $2.11 by the time tax was added. I see a stash reduction happening in the new year.
There are some interesting knit along projects for the the new year one is 10 shawls in 2010. Woo Hoo. Now there is a challenge. I will be working on the vest this afternoon in between laundry loads. Pictures to follow.

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