Sunday, February 5, 2012

I can't believe I did that.......

My arrogance know no bounds. I have been knitting lace for years and poo-pooed the use of a "life line" Ha, I said, "I don't need that. I can pick a stitch back ... I always count...blah blah blah."
So, six rows later and a gazillion beads I discovered a yarn over to many.,,.which had morphed into about 3 stitches to many, right smack in the middle of a beaded lace motif. I would call this a "cluster of magnitudinous proportions."
The booboo

Inserting a life line AFTER the fact

Picking back, discover , so called life line is not straight.

Pull out thread, pick up with needle, pick out life line...sigh

What a mess, nothing is more fun than tangled silk..snort

Back to normal five rows less than I had this morning..snifff
 Did I learn anything? ...probably not, theory being it won't happen again....I live in hope.


Knitman said...

Oh dear. I am almost certain I could not take on a lace project, I just could not compute that long. Poor you. xo

Susan said...

I love the challenge, a hiccup like this keeps me humble. Everything is fixed now.

Helen said...

I've got a Swallowtail sitting in a bag in that sort of state. I know that one dsy I will feel strong enough to take it out, and remove the last wiggly lifeline, and rip it back to a point where it makes sense. But not yet. Bravo you for doing it now.