Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something Different

Over on the other blog "Myfanwy" I had determined that I would not go to Little Red Mitten after work. Well, the evening stretched before me and I thought what the heck the weather isn't that bad and getting out will do me a world of good. So I gathered up my Olympic Knitting and grabbed a pattern book and off I went. I stayed for the knitting get together but I had to leave after half an hour. Can't explain how I felt but I had to come home. Nuff said. Maybe another time.
The book in the picture below is the one my mother bought when she was expecting me. It cost a whopping 50 cents. Which was a substantial amount in 1947. Yeah, well now you know old I am, so be it.
The wool is called "Sublime." Ready for this? Merino, cashmere and silk. It is enough to give you a reason to get up in the morning.
I just felt like I wanted to knit something different next. I like to have a baby "something" on hand and in the cedar chest. My mother went through this book and added postie note comments on many of the patterns. This one says, "Dad made you this one." He made this for me again, when I was expecting Corinne. (Thirty-nine years ago) All my babies wore it. It was green.
I have told the story before how my mother bought 2 oz of pink wool, needles and the book. My father had her teach him how to cast on, knit and purl and away he went.
So, with all this nostalgia I am going through I decided to knit the sweater pictured above.


Knitman said...

My John was born in 47. So who you going to give this to?

Susan said...

Ahh '47 was a fine year. As to the baby sweater, I really don't have anyone in mind right now. I just felt the need to knit something small and nostagic.....sigh
I's my frame of mind right now.

Helen said...

How lovely to still have the pattern book. My mother knitted me fluffy angora boleros when they were the rage, three of them. She coughed and sneezed all the way through.

Susan said...

Mom knit me angora mitts and a hat when I was little. "It itches," ...lolol