Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teddies for Tragedies

The news is full of heartache and terror in Haiti these days. When the immediate need of medical, food, water and shelter has been answered then the healing can begin.
If you are not aware of Teddies for Tragedies then please follow the link. It only takes an evening to knit one of these little bears.
I have been trying to find a knitting charity for this year. "A little charity knitting is good for the soul,"my mother used to say.
Previously I knit the Pneumonia Prevention Vests. The side bar link, under "Free Patterns," will take you to the pattern on this blog. This post receives the most hits on our blog and I hope many vests have been donated as a result.

Back to the Teddies. The web site link will take you to the pattern page. They are very simple to knit as they are primarily garter stitch. For the following bear I used 2 strands of 4 ply Shetland wool, left over from Michael's Heritage Vest and a 3.75mm Addi needle. The knitting needs to be dense so the stuffing won't show. The following is a pictorial representation of the written instructions.:

Knit two legs separately
Knit across the tops of both legs and continue for the top of the pants.
Change to the colours of your choice and knit the body.
Back to the teddy colour and in Stocking stitch knit the head (I knit 18 rows)
Now reverse the process and knit the "back."
Fold in half and Sew up the side seams of the head and pick up the sleeve stitches. Knit the arms.
Stitch across the "corners" of the head for the ears. these will not be stuffed.
Now, knit the other arm. sew up the seams leaving an opening for stuffing. The directions suggest leaving an opening at the inner leg. I find the outer leg seam easier to sew up after stuffing. Embroider the face and you are done.
I will post a picture of the finished guy as soon as I can get out to get some poly stuffing. Great ways to use up left over sock yarn!!
If you are in the London, St Thomas area of Ontario, the bears can be dropped off at Little Red Mitten.


Knitman said...

Haiti hopefully reminds us all to live for the day and be grateful for even the smallest things.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for promoting Teddies for Tragedies knitting pattern. Knitting teddies has been an on-going project for us for the past 10 years. We have wonderful volunteers all over the world who donate their time and talents and ceate teddies for those who had never had one and could use a special "hug" from those who made them. Appreciate your comments and especially the way you showed the stages of knitting the bear. Hurray for the teddy knitters! Thank you all for getting involved and God Bless.
Gisele / Nanabear
International Coordinator for

Susan said...

Gisele, Thank you for taking the time to leave me a message. I have taught knitting for years and some ladies just need a "visual." If this encourages someone to knit a bear I will be very happy. I have pledged 15 bears in memory of my mother. Please come back and check on their results.