Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guaranteed Knitting Time

Things have been very sad here in Nantyglo. We have not had a good start to year 2010. My wonderful Mother and adored Granny Ann has passed from this world.
She used to say that her "Mam" used to say, "These things are sent to try us." Well, I have been well and truly "tried" over the last 8 days. Enough that the emotional me got beat up now the physical is hurting as well. If I heard once I heard 50 times, from her friends, "Oh your the knitter." She wore every sweater I knit her with pride and she told everyone where it came from. I was the luckiest daughter in the world to have her.
Friday evening I had a nasty fall in the side hall. It is a miracle I didn't fall down the basement stairs. Turns out it is not broken but badly sprained. Too bad really a brake heals in a given time a sprain lingers on and on....crap.
Once you have one of these (above) no one expects you to do anything other than knit.
My mother always said, " There is a silver lining to every cloud." I find knitting soothes my mind and my body.

Doncha love my jammies? My grand daughters picked them out for me because and I quote," I am the funnest Grami."

So this is the "Lovely Sophia Sweater" finally on the needles and progressing nicely. Zara is like knitting with butter. Soft Mmm I love it. I have one complaint. Get with the program people ...50 gm balls??? I mean come on. I would like to petition for a 200 gm ball.
I am just about at the end of the first ball. Do you know how many ends that is going to be?
Above the knitting you will see the new toy I got from my friend Sandy. It is by Clover and is the greatest counter I have ever had. I took a few moments at Christmas and made my self a snazzy cord so it hangs around my neck and the numbers face up toward me. Wonderful I love it. (I know it is lime green, but no, Corinne you can't have it).

In the "Welshwomen Who came Before" I give you the following picture, which my brother came across in my mothers papers.

The little girl is my grandmother's sister Mary Ann, on her right is Granny Jones, (you can't be welsh unless you have a Granny Jones, lol), on her left is her grandmother Sarah Rosser and behind her is her mother Hannah Hale. Four generations before my mother. Just a bit of trivia I thought I would share.


Julie said...

Really sorry you're having such a crappy start to the year. Hugs to you and yours.

If I may stick my nose in, I have a suggestion. Ask your doctor for Salsalate/Disalcid (one's the generic name). It's a prescription-strength anti-inflammatory, like super-aspirin. If you're not allergic, it should help the pain a lot, and not leave you feeling loopy. It's what I relied on for MANY years, for orthopedic injury. Hope the info helps.

One of my major goals in life is to have grandkids who buy me awesome jammies.

LOL on being Welsh and having a Granny Jones. (I'm part Welsh.)

Susan said...

Bless your heart I shall call the Dr on Monday. They gave me codeine that damn near killed me Friday night, chuck that crap.....shudder.
Welsh are you then? I knew we had an affinity. You should see the mug my nephew gave me. If I don't post a picture Corinne will.

Helen said...

In the homeopathy or herbal section of your pharmacy you should find arnica pills, as well as cream. I don't believe in homeopathy and am not particularly keen on alternative medicine, but arnica pills bring down inflammation very quickly in my experience. I don't see why you shouldn't take them at the same time as your painkillers, because in the eyes of the medical profession, they don't contain any active ingredients! I had a fall when I was travelling once and they made the difference between staying put and keeping on going. You can check it out on Wikipedia.

At least the ankle gives you a chance to sit and recover from the events of the last few weeks, which is no bad thing.

FeyRhi said...

^5 on Arnica! A co-worker turned me on to this stuff and I keep a tube in my locker at work. We do a lot of heavy lifting so when my shoulders start acting up I use it.

Yes, I have a picture of the most awesome mug in the universe. I'll post it.