Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm in "finishing up mode."

I have finished the Mystery Shawl #10 complete with a wide lace border. It is smashing!

This weekend I will get it blocked. Promise. Pictures of the process to follow....

Next on the agenda is the Celtic Knot Shawl in cherry Malabrigo Lace Weight. This is a quick little edge..start with 8 sts and 12 rows. Easy Peasy..except as usual I had to go overboard and now I an knitting the edging ALL around the shawl...sheesh I never learn.

When this is finished I HAVE to finish the Queen Anne's Lace ( circular shawl) then I can move on.

Now because I have finished the mystery Shawl and the edging on the Celtic Shawl is on it's way I have started the next sweater.

For my mephew Matt who has waited for years for a sweater from Aunt Susan. Some how a photo of a black sweater isn't too Wait till I get to the front! Gotta love the Domiknitrix!

Counting rows on black is nigh unto impossible. Everytime I finish a row I toss a marker into the dish. 10 markers = 10 rows. Ta Dah every 10 rows I add a marker to the knitting.
BTW : This is my favourite ribbing K3 P1
~ MuM

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