Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palette Generator for Fair Isle Designs

Kaffe Fassett teaches a class on colour, the idea of which I have found facinating. Then I came across this link whilst reading Jean's Blog. "Jean's Knitting" is part of my morning ritual blog reading. Anyway, Kaffe's idea is to choose a picture you like and pick colours out of that picture to use in a multi colour themed knitting project. Bless the internet there is now a program available that will do it for you.
My first example is one of Corinne's favourite pictures ('cause we think it looks like her)
These are the colours drawn from the painting.

I am trying to explain this concept to Carl. He can understand if you wanted to make an afghan but the tostesterone gene can not comprehend why you would want to wear something the same colours as a painting. "it would loose it's relevance one you walk away from the picture." endquote

This is for Julia: I just love this grin. If it doesn't give you a "happy " nothing will.

Go have fun with this site and thanks to Jean for posting the link in the first place!

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Granny's Girls said...

Its really neat to see the colours in the photo. I like them, Thank you

~Daughter 32