Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Sun Beaded Bag

This is my Ravelry July Online contest entry. I am in a knitting contest group and we are to knit one item in a month. It is just for fun so I bead knitted with #8 Perle cotton (doubled) and #6 glass beads.
It is knit in two parts. The beads make it too heavy to knit all in one piece. Then I picked up the stitches for the flap and deacreased to a point.
It is plenty big enough for my cel phone.
The close up kinda washed out the blue in the beads.
It is fully lined as well and there is enough room to add sun screen, lip gloss, a car key and some mad money. What else couldyou possibly need?
I will post the pattern ASAP just in case anyone else would like to make one.

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Granny's Girls said...

That is a very nice satchet, I will make one too.
Berry Interesting!

~Daughter #2