Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recent Projects

The mobius baskets are fun to knit. I used the Freedom wool with a strand of eyelash to create a shopping bag, now will be felted and shrunk to form small baskets. Five were made using every last bit of the wool that has now been discontinued.
The Diagonal Border Cardigan is being knit for mum. Using the smaller size needle through out the whole sweater, has been a lot easier and a nicer finish for this single plied wool.

I received some Philosophers Wool from mum and started making this Cape Plaid designed cardigan. I am going to make the body of the sweater long, with a long sleeve. This picture doesn't show the heathers or natural colours of the wool. My background colour is a blend emerald and aqua, the other colours navy, purple, bluegrass and burgundy heathers, are much more vibrant.

~Daughter #2


Susan said...

Very nice Julia, I can't wait to see the baskets felted. Bring them over here and we will put them in the big machine.
I like the plaid too. What a smart chicky.

Knitman said...

I look forward to seeing that cardy when it's done. The colours look very nice indeed.

Knitting-twitter said... are one busy lady and you make such nice things...
ciao ciao Christa