Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At it again...

I feel another tablecloth coming on. My apologies to Marianne Kinzel but this cloth is crying out for a snazzy edging. Ergo I bought 6 balls of "Clea" to play safe. This is a Brazilian crochet cotton that is simply divine to work with. I have knit with this before and if you are into tiny needles, well, you have to give it a try. It comes in some delicious colours. Lots of variegates ( not my choice) if you are into that.

The sooner I finish the bears the better. I keep thinking of what I will do next. Finally I thought I had better list ( I am a list maker) of everything I either have on the go or in "queue." Hence the appalling list to the right.

Speaking of the bears I am closing in on finishing the next lot of three. I almost succumbed and put up a picture of two but that would be cheating. I am knitting the arms on number 9 at present. I said three at a time and three it shall be. I am finally running out of some of the colours from the original "let's use up left overs" idea. Keeping my finger's crossed that there will be no more wool shopping for these bears.
Corinne and the "grands" are coming on Thursday for a girl fest. I finagled the day off. The Welsh cakes should be coming off the griddle about the time they walk through the door. I am going to learn how to crochet some fingerless gloves. I have chosen the "Cloister" pattern, the designer is Danielle Kassner . (Ravelry link) They are gorgeous and I have a stash of sock yarn to pick through tonight.

I like the medieval look of this pattern. They will be perfect for the office. I can type on the computer and keep my hands warm at the same time. The guys will just have to suffer another example of girly in the workplace.


Julie said...

I've knit that doily. It's an awesome pattern but the last bits get super repetitive. You may want to consider knitting the small version if you're looking for thrill knitting.

But of course, as always, it's your project, so do what you want.

It'll look great.

Susan said...

I am a brute for punishment. This is going to be a full sized tablecloth. I am going to add a rose leaf edging however. Ever heard of circular blocking wires?